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  • How to stay in Ketosis while staying at home

    Staying at home will probably be our greatest contribution to flatten the curve of this pandemic outbreak. If you’re one of those who chose to cancel outdoor activities to stay at home, that’s great! You must have stock up on essential things such as food, for this matter.  Taking care of oursel... View Post
  • The Number One Keto Diet Mistake

    You’re on a Keto Diet – and you’ve seen great results in your first couple of weeks. But just as when you thought things will only get better, you reach a plateau. Suddenly, your Keto Diet isn’t working. And you have no idea why.   For starters, we have to understand that the keto diet is compris... View Post
  • Why I use DHA-Omega 3 to boost my immune system (and maybe you should too)

    When it comes to boosting the immune system, a lot of people always tend to rely on Vitamin C and other citrus fruits and juices. There’s nothing wrong about it.  Our immune system is a defense system that protects organisms from invading pathogens, such as viruses or bacteria. Thus, strengthenin... View Post