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  • Available Now: Virun® Releases Three New O3Omega™ Flavors

    O3Omega Smoothies have been such a hit over the last two years, Virun® is expanding their delicious lineup to give customers more of what they want. 

    Coming this fall, O3Omega Smoothies will release three new exciting flavors! 

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  • Health Benefits of Kombucha

    The past decade has seen the kombucha market take off. What is currently a $1 billion US global market is projected to hit $4 billion in the next four years. Make no mistake, the days of having to seek out a high-end food market or health food store to find kombucha are long gone. Today kombucha ... View Post
  • 5 Effects of Chronic Inflammation

    Inflammation is your system's automatic reaction to protect and repair itself. When there is a wound or allergic response, blood circulation in the area is raised bearing leukocytes (types of white cells) to clear up the damage and heal the wounded tissue. After a short period of time, the damage... View Post